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The following items are on our list of things to buy in order to improve the quality of our productions and to offer unique learning experiences, such as teaching classes on operating stage lighting, makeup and more.

Like our props, costumes and other equipment, we would rent out the equipment to other local groups for their own productions.

If you or your business would be interested in supporting us with the purchase of any equipment, please get in contact with us.

Moving RGB Wash Light

Qty: 8
Price: $296/each

Power: 120W
Colours: RGB
Effect: Strobe, Fade, Color Wheel
Beam Angle: 8°
Rotation angle: pan 540°/630°, tilt- 240°,self-correcting

Fresnel Light

Qty: 2
Price: $760/each

Power: 100/200W
Colours: Cool/Warm White
Effect: Strobe
Beam Angle: 15-55°

Moving Head Light

Qty: 2
Price: $985/each

Power: 350W
Colours: 14+White
Effect: 17 static, 9 rotating gobo effects
Beam Angle: 0-50°

Sennheiser Wireless Headset Mic

Qty: 12
Price: $350/each

Kryolan Professional Makeup Kit

Qty: 1
Price: TBA